Create your happy, healthy & meaningful life 

Feeling depleted, tired, overwhelmed, uninspired, or even chasing the wrong things is like being trapped in a hamster wheel. 

If you could recharge, reevaluate, and reinvent your life on your terms in just 90 days - would you like to see how? 

Hi, I'm Vera,

Your secret weapon to creating the life you desire


You were always the rock but suddenly it feels like the carpet was pulled from underneath you. You can't even recognize yourself. You're ready to navigate the new reality with grace and redefine your life so it fits YOU and your new dreams.

Yes, you suffered an unimaginable loss. But here you're, LIVING, and finding your way in new circumstances. You say you're OK but deep inside, you know ...

When you lose a spouse, it feels like you lost a big chunk of yourself. It also opens your eyes to a much bigger appreciation of life, the value of time, and the meaning of it all.

You and I got a painful reminder not to WASTE another minute.

So, how do you turn the worst thing that ever happened to you into an accomplishment you can feel proud of? 

What does chapter two of your life look like? Don't let others tell you what you SHOULD be doing. 

ALLOW yourself to take a deep breath and figure out what it is YOU really want, first. 

You deserve to live a meaningful life, make an impact, and leave a legacy to be proud of.

YES! I deserve it, tell me more!

If you know that HEALTH is your biggest wealth - keep reading !

90 days to recharge? Yes, and a massive yes!! Healing your mind, heart and soul is a process. Regaining your overall wellness, and energy is essential so you can start LIVING WITHOUT LIMITS

Join me on the mission

90 days to RESET your Health

Regain your wellness, health, energy, and vitality. Get your life back, prescription-free! 

Sleep better, and LIFT your mood, brain fog, overwhelm, anxiety, and low energy.
Be Unstoppable Again 

"W Sisterhood"

Surround yourself with other women who get you and deeply relate to you. The community that's tuned on the same frequency you're.
Believe, belong, and become. We lift each other and guide each other to a new, meaningful life. 

LIVE WITHOUT LIMITS whatever those are for you!

I WANT ...

Let's resolve that ONE pressing ISSUE that stops you from moving forward.

Let me help you NOW! Don't wait stuck and overwhelmed any longer. During this 1 on 1 coaching session, we'll clarify what it is, and how to get it out of your way so you can focus on what matters!

Prefer One on One solution?

If you want to explore working with me privately, whether that’s through 3 months "Be Unstoppable Again" or 60 min. I WANT... session to help you resolve one, the most pressing issue ... or if you have a strong story to share and would like to be featured as a guest on the Third Chances podcast

If you are not 100% happy where you are 

what's your "Aladdin" wish if you allowed yourself to dream?

  • real freedom and independence?
  • restoring your health, mood, or energy?
  • defying aging and keeping active? 
  • quality relationships sharing your values? 
  • travel and explore the world?
  • using your time in a more meaningful way?
  • having an impact, finding a new purpose?
  • helping others? 
  • the feeling that you matter?
  • just want your confidence back?
  • change careers, a community, find a new tribe? 
  • maybe you want to start your own business?
  • just simplicity and peace?

    Is YOUR OWN wish there?

    If any of these ring true, you found your home, welcome!

It's Time

to become someone you can recognize and feel proud of, again

I'm here to hold your hand and support you through this new, unknown chapter. This beautiful life deserves to be lived fully. What do you need the most now? 


It's not that long ago for me - WIDOW AT 54, NOW WHAT?

All our plans, established relationships, lifestyle, shared values, deep understanding... gone.
It took me a while to admit that I couldn't move forward on my own no matter how strong I've always been. Your friends are there for you but can't relate to what you're going through. I didn't want to bother anyone with my grief. For the first year and a half, I wouldn't even utter the word WIDOW. It didn't belong to me, it felt wrong.

And so I was slowly running myself into a ditch. Unable to get back on my feet yet too proud to admit it. It's not difficult to slide deep into depression, even with a smile on your face assuring everyone you're "just fine".

Lucky for me, I had coaches/friends, who didn't buy it and threw me a lifeline, almost at the last minute.

Once I opened myself to support and guidance, my mind got much clearer. Like if someone lifted blinds from my eyes. Shortly after, I knew I wanted to turn my experiences and coaching expertise into helping other widows navigate back toward their sunshine. I knew there were others like me, who didn't quite fit into their old surroundings anymore.
That's why I started a widows-only, safe support circle, called Vera's Triumph Club. Nobody gets you better than another widow.

If you feel it's time for you - reach out for a Virtual cup of coffee, and let's see if that's something that can help you create your new world. We'd love to have you! 

Let's talk

"I was searching for a life coach for my mom when I found Vera. Simply put, she has been outstanding. During our initial 30-minute phone session, I never once felt rushed and I could tell Vera was listening to me. My mom has spoken with several different professionals and Vera is the first one who has been able to make any sort of breakthrough. Coach Vera is humble, kind, and professional; and I would highly recommend her services."

Brittany Wood

"I felt like my world ended when I lost my boyfriend. We had all these plans to travel the world, get married, but seemingly there was time for everything. Until it wasn't. After I spoke with Vera, I saw my future from an entirely different perspective. I knew she was the one to help me get myself back together. With her expertise and support, we created a whole new exciting project I found my purpose in. I would have wasted years going in circles, had I not found her at the right time. "

Martina Seidel
Marketing executive

"Vera is a great listener and a sensitive coach. She helped me transition from a stressful divorce, dealing with serious health issues, moving, changing careers, and a whole emotional drain. She helped me keep things in perspective when I was losing my mind. Thanks to her I was able to make the right decisions about my own future and found the confidence to start over again. I trust her talents 100% and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Coach Vera to others."

Vera Haramija
Executive assistant

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