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Hi, I'm Vera,

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I work best with small business owners to rapidly increase their sales    

without aggravating their own clients or their sales team


Using my proprietary Reverse Strategy To Success (RSTS) method repeatedly doubled the sales in the wine business - no matter the price point, the market, on-premise or off,  no matter the level of experience. 

Side effects of applying RSTS:  

  1. It changes the way you sell
  2. Increases sales almost instantly 
  3. Your clients feel respected, appreciated, and cared for 
  4. Nurtures lasting relationships with loyal clients
  5. Best sales talents don’t leave the winning team

I believe that sales aren't just spreadsheets and numbers. It's all about PEOPLE. Take advantage of the 6th sense we women in business have and apply it.


If the way you make your clients feel matters to you - we should talk! Every salesman out there desperately needs better people skills to improve his sales.

And that's what Reverse Strategy to Success is all about.

Wherever applied, it worked as designed.


Every.  Single.  Time.


If your sales results aren't up to your standard  


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"I have a tremendous amount of respect for Vera's ability to think "outside of the box", and develop creative ways to create additional revenue & sales. I consider her skills to build and maintain client relationships as unmatched in my professional history."

Jonathan White
President/owner of Milbrandt Vineyards

"I found Vera to be incredibly professional and exceedingly motivating. She consistently outperformed sales quotas by her proactive positioning ahead of the company curve and was always among the top performers with her sales team, more than doubling the territory's earnings. "

Robert Colopy
GM of Tempranillo, Inc.

"It's one thing to have a business idea. After I spoke with Vera, I saw it from an entirely different perspective. I knew she was the one to help me develop it. With her expertise and support, we created a whole new exciting project. I would have wasted years had I not found her at the beginning of my journey. "

Martina Seidel

Reverse Strategy to Success will NOT

WORK for you:

~ if you're fine with order takers and checks chasers

~ if your idea of persuasion is telling a client: "It's good, it's good, it's good" until he believes you

~ if you value quantity now over lasting QUALITY long-term 

~ if you don't mind high turnover in your sales team 

 ~ if you believe getting the sales team into a meeting room and beat them over the head with pep talk & spreadsheets is the best way to get the results, grow sales and "motivate"   


Don't get me wrong.

I'm far from a gentle violet. After all, I spent most of my professional career working in a predominantly male environment in some pretty cutthroat markets. But I strongly believe the stress that comes from pressure leaves the building with your exhausted sales team and that energy then passes onto your customers. With a smell of desperation. 


The constant push also sabotages your efforts to hold on to your top sales talent, let alone utilizing their best potential.


A happy, successful sales team beats competition all the time 

How To Crush It In The Wine Industry

Reverse Strategy for Success  now available via ZOOM

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Your sales talents will close deals authentically, and increase their numbers without the push and stress. 

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How To Crush It In The Business & Life

Executive coaching

Improve the way you lead and sell easier, faster, and more effectively. Nurture long-term clients, grow existing sales, and create new opportunities. Motivate your team so they feel heard, appreciated, and respected. 

Find the balance between success and joy. Make sure your work matters.

Please request a short call to discuss which option might be the fit for your needs.


Sales interactive webinar - request a short call if you

People skills are crucial for a successful sales professionals

Did you know that more than 98% of wine store owners complain about your sales reps not showing up - or not following up on their promises?

(in other words, not "taking care of business")?

Your client's no. 2 complain: " And WHEN they show up, it would be nice if they actually knew their own products". 


That's alarming! 

Yet, improving people skills is sadly the last thing on sales reps' minds. 

Every wine rep I know obsesses about the latest wine reviews, any current news about wines, wineries, winemakers, and technologies. Which, obviously, is important. 

And then come numbers, quotas, goals he/she needs to hit. 

However, most devote ZERO time and effort to improve their people skills. Even though it's the one skill that could win them sales even in highly saturated markets.

Without it, they're viewed as an easily replaceable disposable commodity.


Help them get an advantage in the market with the help of Reverse Strategy to Success.


The best expertise in the world wouldn't help you if your client doesn't like doing business with YOU.


Your salesmen could become the most important go-to resource for your clients.

Let me show you how.



Prefer a DONE for YOU solution?

If you want to explore working with me privately, whether that’s through executive coaching, coaching your management team, or getting down to the nitty-gritty with your sales talents; and you have a real budget you wouldn’t be embarrassed to accept if the roles were reversed …

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