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Master of Reinvention 


The journey of hope, reinvention, and healing

From a rebel to a resilient multi-entrepreneur who transitioned from a small village in communist Czechoslovakia to stages across America, Vera Czerny continues to be an inspiration and catalyst for positive change in the lives of many.

A visionary Founder of Third Chances, a coaching firm dedicated to enhancing people skills and personal development in life and business, Vera is a trained Strategic Intervention & Relationship Coach at Robbins-Madanes Institute, under eminent mentors Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Mark Peysha, and Magali Peysha.

Vera's journey recently took a sharp turn after the loss of her husband. She refocused her attention on supporting strong women over 50 and fellow widows to rediscover their spark and get back the confidence to create the second chapter of the happy, healthy, and meaningful life they believe they deserve.  

But her story doesn't stop there – lifelong serious medical issues fueled her passion for holistic healing, nutrition, longevity hacks, and cutting-edge science. On her podcast, Vera features powerful stories of other coaches, functional holistic doctors, and fitness and wellness professionals. They, like Vera, overcame significant challenges and are on a mission to help others live optimal lives, age in reverse, so they can impact the world.

The former singer turned sales manager, entrepreneur, and Editor-in-Chief excels by shunning typical sales tactics and scripts. Moving to America in 2002 meant reinventing herself all over again, armed only with her pesky people skills. Although she left the professional wine world a decade ago, she still loves teaching wine classes and conducting specialized tastings for wine enthusiasts.

Vera uses her diverse experiences and professional expertise to create transformative results with her clients so they can live their lives without limits.

Available Talks & Workshops 

  • Beyond Boundaries: Unleashing Limitless Living After 50 - Debunking common aging myths your doctor doesn’t want you to know

  • This One "People Skill" Made Me #1 in Wine Sales - Improve Your Relationships Using It and Become Unforgettable 

  • How To Live Long Without Getting Old - Discover a longevity secret 5% of people know and science once proclaimed impossible


More topics

  • Do This One Thing Before You "Throw Yourself Out There" - so you never have to question if you're ready to date again (for those who lost a partner)

  • 6 Steps You Need To Create LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS

  • Sweet Tension of Reinvention - Take inventory of what to keep and what to toss so you can achieve what you never thought possible (in life or business)

  • The Truth About Diets and New Year's Resolutions - and what to do instead to realize your goals and potential

  • Travel the World (no password) by Tasting Wines You May Have Never Seen - available from 10 people+, and to be customized based on your situation
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