I Have Always Been Really Hungry To Just Try It All And Do It All

From sitting in the restaurant with her 6 sons and realizing there is nothing on the menu she can afford, to creating multiple figures in global business and traveling the world, nothing can stop Cristina. If that wasn't enough, she is also now the author of a newly released book that I have the privilege to be translating into the Czech language.

It's symbolic that this episode is going to be released on International Women's Day. Today's guest is a powerhouse, badass woman who created a wildly successful life for herself and her children. She is a special kind of female. Of course, it wasn't always easy, and we're talking about what it took and what she had to overcome to get where she is today.

If you ever felt like you are too busy to chase your dreams, start that business, or do what's meaningful to you before everything else, this episode, called, I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN REALLY HUNGRY TO JUST TRY IT ALL AND DO IT ALL, is for you!

Meet Cristina Williams, a highly successful entrepreneur, an author, and a captivating human being with such an interesting story to tell. One who does it all while raising SEVEN children, living fully with the love of her life, and taking it all in like there is no tomorrow. How she is teaching her children by her example and by the life experiences she pursues with them.  

You will come away from our conversation happier, wiser, but most importantly, highly inspired to take a look at your own life and perhaps stop putting yourself and your own dreams on that second burner.

We are talking


  • How busy are you really 
  • About her book “Ten Things I Wish I'd Known About Network Marketing” – by someone who made it 
  • How dreaming, planning, and setting goals may still lead to not advancing enough
  • How the principles you learned along the way made her global networking business wildly successful 
  • How she wishes she knew these things at the beginning to save time and stress
  • What experiences formed her as a child
  • How she always had the urge to live this life well and try it all
  • How she got introduced to the network marketing model and built a great business team
  • How life has a funny way of pushing us forward
  • How she got frustrated and angry about herself and her mistakes
  • How she came to the convention to properly dismiss the company she was invited to partner with and what happened instead
  • How one weekend changed her life completely
  • How she made her goal nonnegotiable, without plan B – with a super strong WHY
  • How we don’t see ourselves as solution makers, or problem solvers
  • What happened with her dream to one day take her sons to Paris
  • She wanted her children to see that you can chase your dreams
  • Why time is the most valuable currency
  • How does she make the same amount of money now as her corporate, executive husband does BUT without his degrees, without having to be connected 24/7, without asking permission to take time off, travel, with a small baby, work on her own schedule from home
  • What is my life worth
  • What do I want my life to look like
  • If you’re going to work hard, work hard on your own dreams!
  • What’s her next book going to be about

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