The answer is living in your head and in your gut - Why we don’t want to stay in balance

Today’s episode is for fellow amateur scientific nerds - or real ones :)!! If you love learning and discovering new technologies as an early adaptor, you will enjoy a conversation with Dr. Lee Ostler, DDS, a general dentist in Richland, WA.

He’s a founder and past president of the American Academy for Oral Systemic Health, a past clinical instructor, and an author of numerous books on oral systemic healthcare. After a significant personal experience with Redox Signaling Molecules, his love for biology and biochemistry kicked in, and he dove deep into research to understand this newest bio-hack and groundbreaking technology – and today he’s helping others understand.

Dr. Ostler sits on the Asea Medical Professionals Board (a volunteer position), and wrote two books on cellular health and redox biology –
“Redox Matters - Connecting the Dots between Redox Biology and Health” and
“Healthy Matters – Applying the Redox Lifestyle”.
This series continues with
Why It Matters - How to Become Recession Proof in a Gig Economy Be a side-hustle Thousandair and
Progress Matters.

He also participates in weekly web conversations on ZOOM with other medical and business professionals called ASEA 5 and manages the website. Recordings of all the weekly web calls taking place every Friday on ZOOM can be found in a video section of this website.

Today we spoke about how:

  • Although the odds were not favorable, young Lee didn’t have a plan B when decided to become a dentist 
  • He took a stand when early research showed a connection between the health of the mouth and the rest of the body
  • He co-founded The Academy for Oral Systemic Health and became its president
  • As there wasn’t as much material available then, he dove into extensive research and spent time working closely with physicians and fellow dentists, connecting and sharing the new approach
  • Dr. Ostler made the argument that the health of the mouth and our health are connected and wrote several books about oral systemic health
  • How his wife, battling unique health challenges for nearly 4 decades, was recommended to try some Redox as her doctor ran out of options to help her
  • What happened within 48 hours and how it prompted both doctors to pay attention and dive deep into research of Redox Signaling Molecules
  • How he turned into deep research about redox biology, just like he did previously with oral systemic health
  • What triggered writing the book, Redox Matters
  • What’s called the rules of our cells
  • What he noticed when he started taking redox himself
  • When the pandemic hit, what it meant for his practice
  • Inspired by one of the cohosts of ASEA 5, dr. Ostler stepped up the intake of redox and watched what happens
  • How the experimental and academic sides met
  • How the last decades of antioxidants didn’t deliver the full story
  • What he calls interventions
  • Why we don’t want to stay in balance
  • What makes “our inner doctor” stronger, more able, and more capable
  • What’s oxidative stress and how do we bring it on ourselves
  • What is the purpose of the exercise, fasting, phytonutrients, etc.
  • What turns on our cell defenses, and what’s called homeostasis
  • When happens when consistent out-of-balance oxidation persists
  • What happens when we’re more toxic
  • What’s the fuel source for our cell’s mitochondria 

  • “So we have a multibillion-dollar industry that has grown up around this idea of putting out the fire of reducing the oxidants with these available electrons that I can get from vitamins.”
  • What are transcription factors?
  • What’s the Dr. Lee’s answer to someone who asks if it’s going to work for them
  • How different this is to the “drug mindset, the interventions”
  • What’s the concept called redox clean
  • What book is Dr. Ostler working on now
  • What is his biggest WHY
  • What is rule 72 and why it’s an eye opener

And so much more in this fascinating episode of Third Chances

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