You Have To Feed Your Spirit The Way You Feed Your Body

Another powerful episode -  this time with a spiritual teacher, an author, a wife and a mother, and a dear friend (or soul sister??) Danielle Dagba.

It’s fascinating to me to realize how far I have come from being completely in denial of the spiritual world (who’s got time for that) to begin to understand that go-go-go is not the way, that we need to take care of our mind and spirit the same way “we try” to take care of our body.

I thought the exercise is the best way.

I thought a good diet and whole food is the best way.

But it’s not enough and I keep learning from wise people who figured it all out long before me.

How the spiritual side of you is an important part of your well-being and happiness. How one doesn’t exist without the other. It’s mind-boggling to me that all these things are coming to me so late in my life. But better late than never. I hope you’re enjoying this learning journey with me.

With a beautiful Danielle, we talked about:

  •  How one becomes a spiritual teacher
  • How she overcame obesity (hard to believe) and kept her weight down for almost 15 years
  • How to love your body
  • How she prayed and manifested for her purpose mate - while her future husband (before they met) prayed for finding his wife. The one that was meant for him
  • About her journey of being raised in Haiti with a strong catholic background
  • How she was missing something – and started asking deeper questions
  • What was her life plan and how did it gets redirected abruptly 
  • What trauma she needed to heal
  • How she could feel people’s pain and a strong desire to alleviate pain
  • How she could take on energy from far away
  • The realization she made when she first looked into the eyes of her beautiful, miracle baby

    “You can’t hide pains for long, they start to surface.”

    “If something so pure and so beautiful came out of me – what else can come out of me if I had my life together”

    How people naturally started coming to them for insight and advice
  • What her husband helped her to understand and lift
  • How ost in service to community and people - they coached people for a decade before they turned it into a business 
  • How through healing they have something more to give to people
  • How did her book “Born to succeed programmed to fail” come along (what a title!!!!)
  • What’s her true calling
  • The power of self-healing and the power of self-love
  • What she believes about every soul
  • What’s the body and what’s the spirit
  • How if you’re in pain for decades, it’s not going to change overnight
  • What we lost as children and what we were taught instead – about love
  • How powerful a tool our body is and how our body is keeping a score
  • What’s the process of Body love, Body reconciliation, and Body celebration

    Pain is inevitable but suffering is a choice

    “The highest level of honesty is the truth you tell yourself. If you can’t tell yourself the truth, no guru, even Jesus can come, I mean the highest spiritual master can be in front of you, and resources can be around you, you’re not going to tap into them. Because you’re denying the fact that something gotta give, you’re not happy, you’re broken, you need to heal, and you have to be open and vulnerable, even if it’s just to yourself at first. And then the resources will come, you open that door for the help to come, and you become magnetic. I remember there was a time, many times when I was taking my spiritual path and there was this understanding that I’m lacking – and I would say, God, I'm ready. The book will come, I turn the TV on, I turn something and that’s exactly what I needed to hear. It always comes from your willingness to change and always being honest with yourself. If you can lie to yourself, nothing can help you.“ Daniel Dagba


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