Helping people write or rewrite their story

In today's episode, we talk with Jill Patton, a 30-year health journalist, and editor turned health and wellness coach.

She works with women in leadership — whether in their professions, communities, or families — to help them create the vitality and health they need to keep showing up for what matters and to make the difference they feel called to make.

The funny thing is that we turned the tables - as a journalist, Jill is not used to getting asked questions, she's usually asking them. This was an interesting and fulfilling conversation that should give you a taste of Jill's personality, her coaching style, and how she can help.

We talked about how:

  • what she really wanted to do before landing into the coaching stratosphere  
  • how her body tells her when she's pushing too hard
  • her own body issues led her to learn more about nutrition, using food as a medicine, and well being
  • what does being a writer and a coach have in common
  • what is working with a health & wellness coach looks like
  • what is necessary for the change to happen
  • what do high achievers usually deal with on daily bases 
  • what can you do instead of blame and shame


Where can you best connect with Jill?

email: [email protected]



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