Suddenly I realized I don’t feel so dark anymore

This week we connected and talked with a charming Sarah who was a Registered Nurse for twenty years – and is now helping others as a Holistic Health Coach, Keynote Speaker, Author, and multi-award-winning entrepreneur.

In this episode we speak about how she naturally overcame a multitude of health issues, and how Sarah now uses the knowledge gained through her own personal healing journey and experience as a nurse, to take a holistic approach to her work.

  • How 20 years traditionally trained nurse became a holistic coach
  • What’s the difference between a typical medical and a holistic approach 
  • What moved her to reconsider the whole approach to her own health 
  • What health challenges she was able to naturally heal (despite her doctor's prognoses) 
  • How can we start being proactive rather than reactive and start with baby steps today
  • How do you heal when you don’t look at one problem at the time
  • Why she wrote her book and reached out to others who healed themselves to write powerful stories about their own healing journeys 
  • What is the belief in the healing process 
  • What role do unconscious beliefs play 
  • How the “nocebo effect” is the same as the placebo effect – once you’re told you’ll have certain symptoms you’re going to experience them 
  • What tiny steps can you take today 
  • Why it's important to love yourself in an unconditional way

    Some of Sarah's pearls of wisdom:

    “Once you have done the healing work (especially the mindset work) the emotional healing work, dealt with your demons, they’re done and dealt with, they don’t impact your life anymore.”

    “With the diagnoses comes a program and a set of beliefs”

    “A lot of little somethings is better than none of the big something”

    “LOVE is always the answer”

    to get in touch with Sarah, connect with her:

    Website  LinkedIn  Facebook    YouTube    Instagram   Twitter
    Email: [email protected]

    Book – HEAL YOURSELF on Amazon worldwide in 4 languages
    Course – Heal Yourself At Home – link on my website for a 20-module self-directed learning course.
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