I wanted something that moves me, fires me up, brings the best out of me

In this episode, we talk with Ricardo Wilkins, a former government employee turned entrepreneur, and his journey to personal development.

  • How after years in government employment having a nice paycheck and being comfortable in the cubicle he realized that he wanted more, the challenge, something that moves him, fires him up, and brings up the best of him but still, as opportunities showed up, his limiting beliefs would stop him from utilizing them 
  • How he finally got fed up and what he discovered that started changing his life, health, and the direction of his life
  • What volunteering means to him
  • -How a chronic stomach issue got him on the journey of realizing that even multiple tests, and multiple specialists can’t always determine what the core issue is
  • How he started learning about proper nutrition, what to put in his body, healing, started paying attention
  • How is now the “annoying healthy eater”
  • The new direction that moves Ricardo, inspires him and hit that entrepreneurial bug he had within him
  • What caught his attention because of aging, and longevity research
  • We spoke about his newly published book – Life’s Biohack – the health secrets of redox signaling and what compelled him to write it
  • The book you can understand and read within 1 day
  • It’s also an example of Ricardo’s personal development - how we can overcome our limiting beliefs, change our story, and get out of our comfort zone
  • How he wants to create immerse volunteering – for people who might have lost their job, and are looking for a next step - providing guidance and support for their next step

    If you want to connect with Ricardo, here is the best way:
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: 301-332-9515
    LinkedIn      Website    Facebook   YouTube    Instagram    BUY a BOOK 



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