Find Calm Within Chaos

This interview was originally recorded at the beginning of the world’s pandemic as one of my first ZOOM conversations. But its message and great advice are even more valuable today.

I had the privilege to chat with Edwin Brown - a private practitioner of acupuncture in Wethersfield and Manchester, Connecticut).

Edwin has spent the last 24 years working in both private clinical and hospital settings. In addition, he spent more than 22 years studying the arts of Judo and Jiujitsu, pursuing his love for Martial arts as well as several years studying and practicing Tai Chi.

A thorough understanding of how the flow of energy (Ki) affects the body is a central and crucial aspect in both fighting and healing arts. The ultimate goal of both fighting and healing arts is to achieve and maintain harmony.

Studying these disciplines has enabled him to more thoroughly understand Ki and has thereby enhanced his ability to better serve his patients on their healing journeys, and on their paths back to realizing a more balanced life.

I asked Edwin about the best practices we can all do right now to improve our mental and physical health during these challenging times, boost our immune system and become the best version of ourselves with just a few conscious actions a day.

You will hear:
• How his love for the philosophy and spiritual aspects of Martial arts brought him to his new career

• How making sure you're relaxed while becoming stronger can give you more benefit from exercise

• Just like the tree that’s flexible has the capacity to withstand the storm

• How he was one of those big bulky guys - and how strength and flexibility go hand to hand

• When he finally found the right teacher, he studied with him for 16 years in his late twenties

• How is acupuncture connected to martial arts

• What intervened when he created obstacles in his mind why he can’t study and change his career

• How he never again wanted to be in a position where someone else decides if he can or can’t work – "I’m going to create my own career"

• Whom he met during his studies that changed his life for years to come

• His path to personal growth, internal journey, Tai Chi

• How he learned to live with uncertainty

"Life is uncertain even on the best of days – being flexible in your strength"

• What is the one thing we have complete control over?

• Learning how to breathe - properly calms your brain from stress

• Every single cell in your body needs oxygen to exist so proper breathing helps the proper cellular function

• How to make it a habit that sticks

• What are the 3 most important things we can do to withstand stress?

"Life is about breathing and walking. However, proper breathing and proper walking."


• How standing upright like a pine tree helps you relax into strength

• How ignoring chronic stress doesn't deliver long-term results with treatment

• How stress management routines have an impact on everything

• What did his teacher tell him when he asked – how do you deal with negative energy?

• What kind of homework I gave him and did he do accomplish it???


"Just like the calm eye within a hurricane, we can learn how to find the calm within the chaos."

Edwin Brown

 You can connect with Edwin here:



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