Living dreams - I'll give you the shirt of my back. Unless it’s cold out.

In this episode, we're talking with a retired professional rock roll drummer turned entrepreneur Robert Hayek who for the last few years not only build a new business, but it's also healing from a neurological disorder that is "uncurable". 

We will touch on:

  • how after moving to Florida he felt like not working, semi-retire and maybe becoming a bass fisherman  
  • how Rock Star Networking didn't turn out what he expected it to be yet helped him discover a new business program 
  • how Covid basically shut down his new business that was just getting momentum - so he had to discover the world of ZOOM
  • how he got introduced to something that changed his life around on the first ZOOM call 
  • how he got involved in Network marketing in the late 90ties - how he was convinced of a product within 10 minutes and knew he was going to build a business around it
  • why has network marketing a stigma around it (for some reason I keep saying "digma"). Perhaps that wine on the podcast isn't such a good idea! 
  • how he played drums ever since he was able to walk.... and had bands early in his grammar school and on - how he hung up on Leslie West twice yet still got hired 
  • how one of his former band's recordings ended up as a soundtrack for a porno movie
  • how he discovered financial business and its leverage -how to be paid over and over for something you sold once
  • why it's important to find the right product & company 
  • how the first 10 minutes won him over to wanting to start the business 
  • what company would allow you to take a few years off - and while you're out, getting paid more and more every single week

There is no failure unless you quit

  • what's his big WHY
  • what's the 1 thing he wants to be remembered by
  • what's his goal in 2023 and how he could help you to achieve yours as well

    If you want to connect with Bob Hayek, the best way is:




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