Saving The World One Stomach at The Time

In this episode, we talk with Georgette Schwartz, Director of Nutrition who joined forces with a dream team at Evolve Acupuncture and Wellness in Delray Beach, Florida. Georgette's focus is a complete mental and physical well-being.

She received Masters in Holistic Nutrition and went on to get Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition. She is Wahls and Bredesen cerified. Georgette has years of expertise in fitness and nutrition, and when she's not seeing her clients, she serves on the NANP Board of Directors, and the Hawthorn University Advisory Board.



  • How a certified personal trainer realized you can't out train a bad diet
  • how a serious health scare at a young age made her realize she needs to take a deeper look into the world of nutrition
  • what saved her from a proposed hysterectomy in her late thirties
  • why she went back to school to study holistic nutrition and why she chose that approach instead of a certified dietitian
  • why your doctor doesn't talk about this
  • what is the real medicine for our body
  • what kind of results they had when she was invited to work with her own doctor in a holistic practice and why this doctor's passion became almost an obsession to discover all the advanced medical therapeutics to save someone's life
  • why most of the patients that came to their office were stage 4, have been everywhere else, and what they called homerun
  • what's the 80-20 principle in her book
  • why nutritionists like herself are not there just to assist people with weight loss (although they do that too) but how illness-related patients see huge improvements when the right protocol is recommended and followed
  • why should people seek expert nutritional guidance
  • what keeps her getting up every morning 
  • is gut our second brain??
  • why a holistic approach to your health isn't some 'voodoo' and why so many people understand how important it is for their quality of life
  • what's her one trusted resource she would recommend if you're trying to find the right answers 
  • what's the one piece of advice Georgette would give to anyone who starts with a better approach to their diet?
  • what quote hangs in her office that got me thinking

    To get in touch with Georgette, please reach out to her:

    Email:  [email protected]

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