We were like two ships crossing in the night

Today’s guest is Maureen Hayes, MD, a Medical Doctor for more than 30 years. She’s a board-certified Anesthesiologist and Pain Management Specialist.

How she transformed her professional career, what it means for her impact, a mission, and how the quality of her life changed.

We talked about:

  • How all she ever wanted was to be a surgeon 
  • Who was the only man she would sacrifice her career for?
  • Navigating a demanding career while being a single mom
  • How she transformed from surgery to anesthesia and pain management 
  • What book her mom gave her changed her perspective on business, money, life, and what she was doing

    “If you look from the outside, it looked like the perfect life. But we had not time to enjoy any of it!” 
  • About that Mother of the Year award 
  • How she became the horrible network marketer 
  • How she questioned if her lifetime work has any effect on people’s health 
  • How she started studying and integrating other wellness products that help 
  • Her mom and her husband, himself a doctor and former marathon runner, were both diagnosed with a life-threatening illness 
  • What she calls her own period of ignorance and arrogance once her mom’s illness came back

    “I thought I was a doctor; I knew better. I did everything I can think of. Except for Redox. Until my mom died 2 months later.”

    “We’re not giving anybody medical advice - this is a bio replenishment agent. It’s something we already have in every cell of the body, we just have less of it as we get older. Even our genes being turned off and on has to do with redox signaling.“

    "Sometimes you don’t know when you have been handed something that’s an answer to your prayers."
  • Magnifying her efforts now and how every dollar earned is a measuring stick of life changed 
  • What would she do differently if she had a do-over?

    "We all want to age gracefully - we want to be 100 years old but not in a wheelchair with people wiping us …."

    This is everything. This is the energy of life, really. If you took these molecules away, just like oxygen, you wouldn’t live for more than a few minutes. That’s how foundational they’re.

    You can get in touch with dr. Hayes: MaureenHayesmd.com  

    Or you can catch her every Friday evening, holding discussions with other medical professionals on the virtual talk show ASEA Five.  Join on ZOOM



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