I’m either gonna get to the summit or die trying

In this episode, I have the privilege to introduce to you a very special human being, my dear friend, Berta Medina. Her story is captivating, and her professional and personal achievements can easily spread into several fulfilled lives. And she's nowhere near being done!

We will talk about:

  • How her family migrated to the United States from Cuba
  • How was it to grow up in a very traditional Cuban multigenerational home
  • Who had the strongest influence on her, installed a strong work ethic and patriotism in her
  • The story she was told about her missing father that later turned out to be completely different
  • What she never shared until after her mom passed
  • What her father’s greatest shame was – that made her say “this is a funeral I'll never have to come back for because this man is dead to me” at 17 yrs old
  • What prompted her to change her career, and go back to college as she was preparing for a mission trip to Kenya and Tanzania
  • Why her family thought she lost her mind – but instead she found her purpose

    “There is so much to be done and I can’t do it sitting in the office 16 hours a day!” so she retired and gave away her successfully built business to its employees

  • Climb Mt Kilimanjaro at 47 – determined to make it to the summit or die trying, with no plan B, and what helped her push through the last hours to accomplish the mission

    “Our future is nothing more than an accumulation of the habits and the decisions we make today” Berta Medina

  • What’s her biggest fear
  • “Work with people that set your soul on fire or don’t work with them at all!”
  • What are Berta's 3 strongest values
  • How she schedules even spontaneity
  • Who are “her people”
  • 11th hour is too late to start living your life - what we regret in the end is not the things we did – it’s what we didn’t do

    While we don’t want to live in an urgent mode, life does require a sense of urgency. Berta Medina

    You can connect with Berta here:

    LinkedIn            Dreamers succeed on FB 



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