are the center of everything



To live a meaningful life and fulfill your potential, quality relationships are crucial.

- whether it is a relationship with YOURSELF

- with your loved ones

- social interaction with strangers

- building a valuable strategic network for your business success

- leading your team to success at work

- building trusting and loyal friendships

- or  finding, maintaining, and cherishing the love of your life


Let's talk about where you are

Hey there! I'm Lindsay

Ready to start really living your best life? Then you're in the right place.

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We seek answers at some point in our lives


And it gets harder as you get influenced by loved ones, strangers, and society's expectations ... to the point that you're not sure WHO you're anymore and what you truly want. You start believing maybe you dream too high, and ask too much. That it's possible for others but not for you.

I've been there and it's a painful, painful state of mind. When you deeply care - that feeling of unfulfillment and not knowing could be devastating. 

So you try harder, twist yourself into a pretzel some more to make everyone around you happy - but yourself.

You're not alone - sadly, we all do that.

Reaching the point when we lose ourselves in translation is easy. Don't settle for any less than you're capable of.

Don't buy into "this is how it is".

YOU can create your own STORY no matter the circumstances or age.



And you don't have to do it alone


Ever feel like you don't even know where are you going with your life? What do you truly want?

Ever feel like you know exactly what you want but no idea how to get it? Where would you even start?

Ever feel like nobody gets you, and even your successful career doesn't fulfill or satisfy you anymore?

Have you created golden cuffs for yourself that are hard to break?

Do you remember what brings you pure joy, a sense of accomplishment, and the feeling like you MATTER?

You're not done, no matter what age if you have a deep desire to live your life to the fullest.  



Let me help you!



Hi, I'm Vera

and I have been building and maintaining relationships my whole life in 3 different countries. It became my life's mission.

No matter where in the world, the biggest mistake I see people make - is trying to follow someone else's dreams or meet everybody else's expectations.

It could be a slippery slope easily leading to losing your mojo in the process. We have all been there at a certain point in our lives. And when something feels off, it affects everything!  EVERY. LITTLE. THING.

So you build walls and become who you believe people want you to be. 

I know because I spent the last several years helping people just like you peeling those layers off - so they remember WHO they truly are in their core, what they once wanted, and what matters to them.


There is a better (and faster) way than wandering alone

I help you find your mojo back. Gain clarity to who you really are (the answer may surprise you), what makes you tick, and what you really, really want in life. 

When you're your own authentic self, confident in your skin, knowing your priorities - you attract people who'll love you for WHO YOU ARE. Which improves your relationships at work, with friends, at social gatherings, and most importantly, with your loved ones. 


So, who are you, really? 



Photo: Aaron Bristol
I help you find the pressing answers, so you become crystal clear about making the right choices
for your own vision of meaningful life, happiness, and fulfillment.  


Is it easy? Of course not!

Is it possible? Yes, if you're serious about giving yourself a chance and solid effort to live your life to your fullest.


Is it possible? 

When you know who you're, where are you going and WHY, there isn't force in the world that can stop you. 
Especially when you reach out for the right tools and support to get you there.

I believe in you and wouldn't give up on you until we get there - unless YOU give up on yourself.


Is it worth it?  You tell me!!!


It's extremely liberating to find your own strength and courage to shine your own light. You no longer seek approval from others, you're attracting others to you.

Whether you're an extrovert or introvert, being yourself feels natural. It builds healthy, happy, and fulfilling relationships with everybody else.

Be a role model to your kids and grandkids - so you don't have to tell them - you show them. 




A little about me


I suppose it should come as no surprise that my professional career brought me smack dab in the heart of human nature: I’ve been studying people skills and relationship building my entire life. 

Born & raised in communist Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic), the former professional singer-turned sales manager, I successfully used relationship-building skills in life and business. I'm an author of people skills-based proprietary sales method called, Reverse Strategy to Success, to make your competition irrelevant in the business.

I ran multiple businesses, both in the U.S.A. and in Europe, and succeeded as Editor-in-Chief of a society magazine, where understanding what people react to and what gets ignored, was my (actual) job.

I founded Third Chances™, a people skills coaching firm specialized in advanced strategies using my RSTS method, where I apply 30 years of all my diverse experiences so you can take a shortcut and gain a different perspective. 

I see your real potential even if you deny it to yourself. 

Being forced to reinvent my life over and over, sometimes out of necessity, often by choice, I became a Master of Reinvention. The capability to adapt, be resourceful, and be creative when life hands us sour grapes .... is the most important tool for personal growth.

I'm professionally trained in Strategic Intervention and Relationship Coaching under my teachers Tony Robbins, Cloe Madanes, Mark Peysha, and Magali Peysha.


WHY America?

I moved to the USA for freedom, and to Florida for the sun, seafood, flowers, 50 shades of blue, and the ocean.



That's my family, good food & wine, cheese, carbs, music, nature, and a great company of friends to share it with. One of the most meaningful things in my work is to make a difference in someone else's life.

Helping others to live their best life is what I live for. To witness the moments of significant breakthroughs that fundamentally transform my clients' lives for the better, that lightbulb moment when they say "OMG, I never thought of it that way!"  that's when I get paid in goosebumps!  

I also value that I have been able to make a difference in the life of an innocent child in Kenya. Knowing that little girl Akai can count on my support and that her life and ambitions will be easier to achieve thanks to my contribution, means the world to me.



Wine, always. However, if your wine list sucks, I'd occasionally reach for a beer, single malt, or a creative tall drink. Just don't ruin it for me with all that sugar...   



Schedule a complimentary session with me where we can talk about issues that are the most pressing for you at the moment.

Let me help you get out of your own way and start fulfilling your potential!


Receive your complimentary session

Vera H.

“Vera is a great listener and a very sensitive coach. She helped me transition from a stressful divorce, when I dealt with serious health issues, moving, changing careers, and a whole emotional drain.

When I was losing my mind she helped me keep things in perspective, positive, and keep going. Thanks to her I was able to make the right decisions about my own future and found the confidence to start over again.

I trust her talents 100% and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Coach Vera to others.”


 Brittany W.

“I was searching for a life coach for my mom when I found Vera. Simply put, she has been outstanding. During our initial 30-minute phone session, I never once felt rushed and I could tell Vera was listening to me.

My mom has spoken with several different professionals and Vera is the first one who has been able to make any sort of breakthrough. Coach Vera is humble, kind, and professional; and I would highly recommend her services.”


Gregory N.

Before throwing in the towel, you owe it to yourself to speak with Coach Vera. I’m sure glad I did. What started as dealing with a stressful issue at work, turned out to save my failing relationship with my fiancée. Vera is attentive, asks the right questions, and never made me feel like an idiot talking feelings with her.

She was honest, kind, and patient but most importantly, it worked! We both learned that it’s never just one thing and learned to communicate better. It literally saved us.

My (now) wife is working alone with Vera on her self-confidence and the change is almost instant. We’re so glad we found Vera! She cares and always goes the extra mile…

Whatever the future brings, I know whom to call.”