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Let's age backward! With an attitude! Who said this is how it's going to be???

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I'm Vera, and my whole life, I stayed away from medications when possible.

I believed that by eating whole foods, keeping a healthy diet, taking clean supplements, and working out (most times), I'm doing my part to prevent the worse and stay healthy. My doctor doesn't see much of me and that's the way I like it. 

I didn't want to follow my parents with the stuffed weekly pills box, aches and pains, and a calendar filled with doc's appointments... you know the drill.

It surely gets harder as we age.

And if you think, "What does she know about aging and pain?" I say, "Don't judge the book by the covers. I started young :)!"


I'm not a fan of strict diets because usually, it's hard to stick with them. That's why we go through our entire life with a yo-yo effect. 
Diet is not just about food. It's all you consume (enough negative news lately??), who you surround yourself with, what you obsess about, and where you let your mind wander... on a daily basis. All that is related to stress, aging, gut issues, and sleepless nights. We can do so much better!!!!

Two years ago I learned the hard way that there was a missing link in my health protocol I had no idea existed.

I also learned that you can't see what hasn't been shown to you. We don't know what we don't know. I thought I knew enough about nutrition, prevention, and options out there to keep my body in optimal shape. It used to be my business! 

I was wrong.

And the most devastating of all - with all I thought I knew - I couldn't help my own husband when medical professionals ran out of options. It broke me into million pieces.

I learned a lot since. And my life changed. Profoundly.

If you want to keep a healthy vibrant body, perhaps it's your time!

You deserve the most out of life. After all, we only have ONE.

You deserve to live younger and happier, longer!



Energy and Immune System

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Boost your immune system

If the last 2 years taught you anything, you can't do enough to stay safe and resilient. Your body's natural ability to prevent, heal, repair, and recover can get significant support. Address your health on the most essential level so you can show up 100% in your life

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