I have sold many things in my life and professional career. From "nice to haves" to a complete "necessity". I helped others to grow their sales with integrity and soul. 

What happened that caught me off guard and made me change everything?

I loved my clients but my work didn't feel meaningful anymore.
Not impactful enough. 

If you feel like it's your time to change things around - I'm on your side. 
I help you find the courage to test your limits. Go after your REAL dreams.

Because if not now, when?

Join me for 90 days of healthier, happier and more energetic YOU.  

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We deserve to live younger, longer. Life on your terms starts now. Let's do it together - with a bang!

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Let's age backward! With an attitude! Who said this is how it's going to be???

Join me on the journey to better health, energy, mood, and focus.

There has been a breakthrough in science I'm pretty sure you never heard about yet it makes a huge difference in our wellness and health. 

Recognized by health experts as the most significant scientific breakthrough of our time! YES... it's that big! I’ve had the pleasure of working with this technology for just a little over a year but have seen lives changed in remarkable ways! Including my own.

Beyond what any other single supplement has been able to do. That includes Stem Cell Patches, Lipospheric Glutathione, and any and every CBD combo out there.

THIS is the real deal.

I'm Vera, and my whole life, I stayed away from medications when possible.

I believed that by eating whole foods, keeping a healthy diet, taking clean supplements, and working out (most times) I'm doing my part of staying healthy. My doctor doesn't see much of me and that's the way I like it. 

I refuse to age with the stuffed weekly pills box, aches and pains and calendar filled with doc's appointments... you know the drill.

Even if you do your best to stay in shape it gets harder as we age.

And if you think, "What does she know about aging and pain, she's still young"? I say, "Don't judge the book by the covers. I started young :)!"


Diet is not just about food. Diet is what you consume (enough negative news lately??), who you surround yourself with, what you obsess about, and where you let your mind wander... on daily basis. All that is related to stress, aging, gut issues, and sleepless nights. 

We can do better!!!!

Last year I learned the hard way that there was a missing link in my health protocol. One I had no idea existed.

And realized that unless everything in our body works optimally all the way down to the most fundamental cellular level, all that effort isn't enough.

When our cells aren't healthy, little else matters.

I learned that you can't see what hasn't been shown to you. We don't know what we don't know. I thought I knew enough about nutrition, prevention, and options out there to keep my body in optimal shape. It used to be my business! 

I was wrong.

And the most devastating of all - with all that I thought I knew - I couldn't help my own husband when medical professionals ran out of options. It broke me into million pieces.

I learned a lot about this breakthrough science since. And my life changed. Profoundly.

If you want to keep a healthy vibrant body and don't yet know about it, perhaps it's time!

It's my new mission and purpose to make sure nobody else misses out. It cost you nothing to learn about something new. Knowledge is power.  Whether you decide to act on it or not, you should be aware of what's out there when you or someone you care about, needs it.

I joined an army of Wellness ambassadors who're helping people to know about this technology and changing lives for the better one at the time. 

You deserve the most out of life. We only have ONE.
You too deserve to live younger and happier, longer!


 And we can start here!


Energy and Immune System

before the coming winter hits hard

so you stay fit, and bring it - daily!


Clear-minded, focused, and full of energy to level up your life and business


If you don't sleep enough, stress all day long, and constantly rush - never mind hardly squeezing in any time for a workout, you know that even a truckload of supplements can't perform a miracle. Your business can't grow unless you're 100%. 


Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? 

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Exercise better

Increase your athletic performance while cutting down the recovery time after a hard work out (that's why even some Olympians do it)

Boost your immune system

If last 2 years taught you anything, you can't do enough to stay safe and resilient. Your body's natural ability to prevent, heal, repair, and recover can get significant support. Address your health on the most essential level so you can be fit for your business

Maximize and save your energy

Improve your sleep, recovery, even your mood and sexual drive. Decrease your stress levels and body's stiffness. Say goodbye to aches and pains that come with aging

I know, these are bold claims to make 

I've seen the breathtaking results not just on myself, but thousands of others and got receipts to prove it 


I get paid in goosebumps every day to bring people hope and help them change their lives 


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